11844289_10200970237653933_2104049908_n Today I had such an amazing day! We started off at the zoo then after a long morning of walking and checking out the animals at Bowmanville Zoo we headed downtown. Once we got downtown we went to the Richtree Taco Truck in the Eaton center and was it ever yummy. I really enjoy tacos as well as spicy food so it was the best of both words. They weren’t just your average tacos as they has several things inside as well as very good chicken. They had many things to choose from but I ordered the chicken tacos (In the photo). I was very pleased, they even set it up in a cute box with a few limes. There was many girls that needed to be fed and there service was fast and effective. All of the employees were such kind welcoming people, it is defiantly worth checking out. I have been to many taco places before and none compare to this one. Be sure to go there some day and try there chicken tacos. They even have fish tacos and burritos if you’d like. Prelims are tomorrow night, can’t wait!!!! Hope you all had a wonderful day. xoxo11850768_10200970237533930_138338175_n

Written by: Samantha

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