To start off this beautiful day, the other delegates and I went down to the Local Cafe and Restaurant. There were many different breakfast choices like egg and ham breakfast sandwich, scone, muffin, or boiled egg. I chose the egg and ham sandwich, along with a fruit cup, accompanied by a healthy all natural orange juice to wash it all down.

Delicious breakfast from Local Cafe and Restaurant


Later on that day, we had our hair and makeup done for the video and photoshoot. In the video shoot, I had to pose for a bit, then give an introduction about myself. I mostly spoke about my age, how I am bilingual, and how passionate I am about staying active, which leads me to my next point; staying fit and active.

After the shoots, we had chosen our lunch and dinners from Clean Meals. Clean Meals provides a vegan and a clean health menu. They make each of the meals fresh daily. Previously, I spoke about staying fit and eating healthy; well, Clean Meals is the way to go! With their healthy meal choices that will have your mouth watering, there is no choosing anything else.

Healthy eating is very important because it combats diseases like type 1 and 2 Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Disease, high or low blood pressure and more. The average intake of calories per day should be 2000 calories. Some alternatives for junk foods you can be:

  • chocolate chip cookie= graham cracker
  • pudding= yogurt
  • potato chips= kale chips
  • ice cream= yogurt ice-cream or smoothie
  • candy= dried fruit
  • candy bar= granola bar

These small changes can make a BIG difference.

Once we finished eating supper, we were called down to level 4 to learn the dances. After nearly 3 hours of practicing and rehearsing the dance number, we completed the choreography and perfected it.

Tomorrow, we will travel around the city.We are going to Yorkdale Mall, Casa Loma, and Downtown Toronto to look around at the scenery.

Can’t wait!

-Jessica Alexandra


Written by: Jessica Alexandra Cruz Clow

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