Hello everyone! My name is Samantha and I am Miss Teenage York Region 2015! So I thought for my first blog post I would tell you about my story. I am 17 and live in Newmarket with my parents and three sisters. My Dad’s job has moved us every few years so I have learned to be adaptable and to have a great passion for travelling and learning about new cultures. I find it truly amazing to see people that have absolutely nothing yet are the happiest people.  This journey has taught me a lot about my own happiness.

In grade 7, I moved from Ontario to British Columbia were I was put into a private school to help me understand how I learn.  I have a learning need that is found in 1 out of 6 children but the public school systems main way of teaching makes it difficult for me to learn.  Two months after entering this school it was shut down and I was thrown into a middle school of 900 students.  This means within three months, I had moved across the country and started in two different schools.  It was extremely difficult for me.  I struggled with my classes and I was extremely overwhelmed so I had difficulty meeting friends.  It was a tough two years trying to feel like I belonged and fit into the social world of middle school.  I then transferred to a new high school of 2,000 students.  For me, it was a social nightmare and I didn’t feel I was keeping up with my classes. Things continued to get worse and I was missing classes to get personal help out by doctors. That year I was diagnosed with major depression and anxiety.  All I wanted to do was sleep and I couldn’t cope with the littlest problems.  It was all so overwhelming.  When I had to write an exam, I would be full of anxiety which affected my marks.  Then something very big happened in my life. A girl that lived in my city, an acquaintance named Amanda Todd, committed suicide. When she passed she left a video for everyone to see explaining her story. Amanda’s situation made me realize I needed to change things in my life. I needed to escape from all the things causing me pain and find a better way.  The next year me and my family decided it would be a healthy idea to move to Ontario for me to get a fresh start.  My biggest decision was asking my parents to repeat the academic year I lost so I could get my marks back up and I also felt I was a better fit with the students a year younger than me as my birthday is late in the year.  With the help of family, friends, counseling and just talking about it, I can honestly say that I have learned all ways of healing myself and I live a happy life. I am an honor roll student, with good friends and most importantly,  I really like who I am.  My story is the reason I have chosen depression to be my platform. Many people in the world suffer from depression and believe they are alone. I want to be a voice for those that suffer so they can see there is hope and they are truly not alone. I want to bring awareness to this large growing issue and help make everyone’s beautiful smiles shine.

I can’t wait to attend Miss Teenage Canada this August. I am beyond excited for all the great opportunities that I can create this year in my role as Miss York Region. We are all beautiful people and what we see on the inside is the most important.  Always remember as long as you set your mind to it, anything is possible. We are all loved!


Written by: Samantha

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