My platform is Depression Awareness. I have suffered from depression for a few years now and I am proud to say I am finally overcoming it. I know what its like to feel like you have no one there. To feel like your the only one. I would like to show people that they are not alone. More people than you would ever believe suffer from depression and it is one of the largest growing diagnosis. My platform is very important to me as I can relate and once was in the same place as others. I would like to share my story and help others overcome depression. Finally what I would do as Miss Teenage Canada to promote it. As Miss Teenage Canada I would love to talk at many schools sharing my story and make word spread. I would love to open my own foundation in the future. I would love to make an impact on many peoples lives and help make a change one smile at a time. Everyone deserves to feel good and be happy!
Miss Teenage York Region

Written by: Samantha

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