I am so honored to have been a part of the 4th annual B Strong walk on April 26th, in memory of Lindsay Bolger from Markham, to support brain tumour research. Lindsay started B Strong 10 years ago as an initiative to help others. Although Lindsay was young when she was diagnosed with cancer, she was inspirational in how she viewed life. I admire the quote she has on her website: “There are times in life when one is faced with unpredictable challenges. In my case, it was a brain tumour. Challenges like these test one’s strength and courage, but most of all they test how one accepts and deals with these. The only way to deal with these is in a positive way. This experience has totally made me realize that with the right attitude and support, you can truly find a positive view for anything. Lindsay Bolger, 2005”.

Lindsay is another admirable person that we can learn from and make our lives, as well as others around us, better……….we have to believe anything is possible!

Written by: Samantha

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